A little boy's watching a cartoon shark on TV. Is he a bad guy, a man wants to know. 'Just look at him,' the boy replies. 'Does he look like a good guy?' By now we know the kid might as well be talking about the guy sitting next to him. In the next 100 minutes this broody stunt driver and small time criminal only known to us as "Driver" will reveal himself as this year's most unlikely hero, balancing that fine line of good and evil. In his latest movie Danish cult director Nicolas Winding Refn combines a neo-noir plot with an overall 80s feel that stretches from the cool photography to the ethereal synthpop soundtrack. Lyrical violence tops it off, showing that a blood covered face really makes Ryan Gosling's eyes pop.

Bovenstaande recensie van Drive staat deze maand in Subbacultcha. Lees 'm hier.
Drive draait vanaf 3 november in de filmtheaters.