IFFR 2013

Simon Killer

The 42nd edition of the International Film Festival Rotterdam is promising to be an excellent one. But, as always: too many trees! Cannot see the wood! That's where we come in, taking you gently by the hand through this year's program. First off, there's a program section called Bright Future, which is all about upcoming talent. Then there's a program called Spectrum, which concentrates on experienced filmmakers. And finally Signals will treat you to various retrospectives. Found your way yet? No? Please bare with us then. 

Borderline Films
The three New York dudes behind Borderline Films have previously delivered awesome indie flicks like Afterschool and Martha Marcy May Marlene. Their latest production Simon Killer  is said to rely on a highly suspenseful atmosphere, revealing only a few details on protagonist Simon, an American graduate roaming the dark alleys of Paris. "A dark ride", according to The Guardian, " distinguished by a seductive, urgent score and soundtrack".

Dominik Graf 
One of Signals' retrospectives revolves around Dominik Graf (1952), some obscure German director. Graf's genre movies are said to be both entertaining and disturbing, revealing not only the darkest parts of the human soul but also of German society. That doesn't grab you? How about this: this man also directed some legendary episodes of ├╝ber-Krimi Tatort. 

Sound Stages 
Sound Stages, also part of Signals, emphasizes the role that music plays in cinema and the importance of acoustics. There'll be live performances on special locations, installations by artists and filmmakers and various presentations and projects. Filmmaker and artist Mika Taanila, filmmaker John Akomfrah and multimedia artist Tony Cokes have confirmed to be part of Sound Stages. 

Miike Takashi 
And last but certainly not least is Rotterdam favorite Miike Takashi, whose disturbing Audition shocked festival goers back in 2000. Takashi's latest, Less of the Evil, is about the lengths a school teacher is willing to go to in order to put an end to bullying. But - who will stop the teacher?


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